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Do you love discovering new yarn suppliers?  I do!  The squishier, textural and colorful the better!
As I discover new and wonderful yarn suppliers / producers, I’ll add links to this page.  Enjoy the shopping and please let me know what you think!
I will only include suppliers that I have personally used, so you can rest assured I’ve tested their quality & service.
(Disclaimer – some of these links are affiliate, which means I will receive a small percentage of anything you purchase.)
Great Southern Yarn - Ethically Produced Wool

Great Southern Yarn

Ethically grown, single-source yarn that is processed and hand dyed in Newcastle, Australia, you’ll never be sorry you purchased this yarn!

Owners: Jennifer Smart and Andrew Wilshire

Recommended Patterns:

Beautiful Australian yarns!

“The Australian Wool Store is my happy place, it’s my life long dream come true. It’s also a lot of hard work, long, long days and a constant struggle to find a balance that works. No complaints from me though, I love to work and I love dyeing yarn. I also get to work in my daggy trakky pants and drink coffee when ever I want – could life get any better?” – Kathryn

Owner: Kathryn Trippett

Recommended Patterns:

I began using and designing with Blackwattle Alpaca yarns many years ago.  The quality, colours and incredible softness of all the yarns produced are second to none.

They have expanded their range from pure alpaca, to include many other blends now, but the hand-dyed colours are always inspirational.

Owner: Matt and Angela Smith

Recommended Patterns:

Unique textures and trendy colors set The Yarn Hub’s merino yarns apart from the rest.

I’ve been designing using Mushroom, Raindrops and Popcorn yarn for many years – why don’t YOU discover your favourite?

Owner: Sue Walker

Recommended Patterns:

A genuine one-stop-shop for crafting supplies, I’ve been an affiliate for many years.

My favorite thing is the WAY you can search yarn by color, weight, brand, price and any combination – makes finding the “right” yarn a breeze!

Use the Buy Now button below to shop.  I strongly advise becoming a member because their sales and discounts are amazing!

Nicole and her team source incredible yarns from all over the world… like these!

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Owner: Nicole Vesterholm

Recommended Patterns:

I grew up in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.  When I was in my teens, I first visited the Bendigo Woollen Mills, and purchased wool and tools from them.

Over the years, as I’ve returned to Bendigo to visit family (my Mum still lives there), I’ve regularly browsed their “back room” – a treasure trove of beautiful yarns and discontinued lines – and many of the photos from my designs feature their yarn.

Over recent years, they’ve begun selling “Indie Patterns” on their website, and I have a growing selection of my patterns available to purchase from them. 

Owner: Matt and Angela Smith

Recommended Patterns: