FUNHOUSE Shells Collection – interesting crochet accessories

Turn your crochet corner into a FUNHOUSE !

Interesting crochet, beautiful accessories

Funhouse Beanie & Funhouse Cowl - a funky neckwarmer with matching hat - up close
The Funhouse Beanie & Funhouse Cowl - Interesting to make & funky to wear

With the Funhouse and Shell B Mine Sets, you'll have your gift basket full and everyone wanting one.

Designed with YOUR interest, stitch improvement and the delight of your recipients in mind, the Funhouse Shells collection will satisfy you on multiple levels. 

Shell B Mine Mitts & Beanie - beautifully stylish and perfect for gifts or yourself - blue & white
Oversized shells and beautiful yarn work together to form the Shell B Mine Set

Shell B Mine

A play on words, maybe, but once you’ve made one, your friends and family will be requesting Shell B Mine accessories.  
The gorgeous shells scattered throughout the designs ‘pop’ out from the fabric, just a little, providing texture and interest beyond the norm.

  • ~ Front and Back-post crochet stitches form the ribbing on the beanie
  • ~ Supreme comfort due to the slightly loose design
  • ~ 4-row pattern is easy to remember once learned. 
  • ~ Use 2 colors for optimal effect, but a solid or variegated yarn, will produce beautiful results too
The Mitts:
  • ~ The Shell B Mine Mitts are long on the wrist and stop half way up the hands
  • ~ Each hand is created differently!  The palm of each hand is kept flat, while the back of the hand is covered in beautiful shells
The Beanie:
  • ~ Shell B Mine Beanie starts at the rib brim and works up towards the crown
  • ~ Includes optional “Messy Bun Beanie” instructions
  • ~ Is a slightly slouchy fit for comfort
Shell B Mine Beanie and Shell B Mine Mitts


As I was designing the Funhouse set, changing the stitches every few rows was of paramount importance.

This ensures there is maximum texture for the eventual wearer, but also lots of interest and some challenge for the crocheter.

  • ~ Front and Back-post crochet stitches form the ribbing on the beanie
  • ~ Spike stitches form a feature
  • ~ Linked stitches add variety and extra texture in some garments
  • ~ Choose to work with an ombre (one yarn or 3) for special effect
  • ~ A thick-and-thin yarn with short color changes provides maximum ‘Funhouse’ feel
  • ~ A solid color, or subtle changing yarn will produce a more classic look
The Cowl:
  • ~ The Funhouse Cowl  is worked in the round
  • ~ Actual length is optional
  • ~ Repeat rounds can be extended for extra width
The Beanie:
  • ~ Chunky and Funky, the Funhouse Beanie is fun to make and wear
  • ~ Rib is designed to loosely frame the face
  • ~ Spikes are used for effect
  • ~ Tapers towards the crown
  • ~”Messy Bun Beanie” instructions included
The Scarf:
  • ~ Choose the length of your Funhouse Scarf on the first row
  • ~ Make it as wide as you prefer
  • ~ Fringing is personal preference
Funhouse Cowl - brown ombre - Interesting crochet