YOU are why I do what I do!

How you helped ReVe become a reality.

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 I am thrilled that anyone who purchases one of my Crochet Patterns is getting an original ReVe design which will help them create a fashionable and unique garment.  
~ Fiona Langtry
ReVe Design Co CEO

Introduction to "Fi" - Fiona Langtry, CEO & Chief Designer:

Watch my background video, recorded while my daughter had riding lessons…  I’m wearing a Raindrops Poncho – and the “new pattern” turned out to be Floral Kiss Mitts.

Before I started ReVe Design Co, my life was missing something… a reason to create new patterns.

I have been designing patterns for around 8 years, but I never expected the process and the joys to become so important in my life.

One day something amazing happened… Someone I had never met created something that I had designed!

Zoya's EasyFit Beanie
Zoya’s EasyFit Beanie

I had been concerned that my designs would not be acceptable to, nor wanted by, anyone – not even my family and friends.

But then…

My pattern testers started asking for MORE patterns! I then set out to create patterns for the most interesting, luxurious, textured and unique accessories, to be worn by the most interesting, vibrant and fun-loving women in the world.

The road was more difficult than I imagined.

I have ‘enjoyed’ (endured):

  • ~ false starts
  • ~ totally wrong directions
  • ~ incorrect focus and
  • ~ some really WACKY creations along the way.

My family members have thought I was crazy; my husband thought I was wasting my time (and money)… and so did I, for a while.

Then something amazing happened ..

People (complete strangers) started BUYING my patterns!   I discovered that I had a knack for designing accessories that people want to make 🙂

Through it all …

The response has been so encouraging that I have started to release, not only individual patterns, but entire collections!

People creating their own garments using my original crochet patterns has become an unexpected source of joy to me and ReVe Design Co has been set up to exclusively focus on this side of my business…. I am sure the BEST is yet to come!!!

Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart, for joining me on the journey!

xx Fi

Oh, and if you’re wondering where the name ReVe came from – it’s very special to me…

My 2 wonderful Grandmas, who were amazing artisans themselves, were known as Ruth Boquest and Eve McKean. 

This business is not only something for this generation, but is also paying homage to a time when creating your own garments was a necessity, not just for fun.


No business stands alone, and I do not pretend to do so.

I would like to acknowledge the help, guidance and/or professional expertise of the following amazing people:

  • Sophie Burmeister – her photography skills, modelling ingenuity and beauty (both inside and out) are evident in almost all of the modelled photographs I have and use.  Follow her on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Margaret Charlton –  my ‘go to’ quality editor for my websites.  Her new business is QI Girl… highly recommended.
  • Pam Grice (aka the Crochetpreneur) – my crochet business coach and mentor.
    Join the wait list for her next intake of students here (affiliate link)
  • Ollie Garside – a local photographer whose photographs were my first professional ones.  The black background made some of the colors ‘pop’ in a way I had never thought possible.  You can follow him on Facebook or Instagram, or check his website.
  • Renae Christine – my business coach and website design trainer!  There are so many wonderful things I could/should say about this lady, but it’s really impossible to explain – you just need to see her for yourself!  Watch her on YouTube or experience her Free Handmade Training!